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Our team utilizes the latest advanced technology available for video, computer, and media transfers.

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Transfer your old tapes to a high-quality digital format today so that they will last indefinitely.

Here at 621 Productions, we offer professional film, video, and media content transfer. We also provide video production and post-production services for businesses, organizations, consumers, and other clients. We have a passion for working with small businesses here in the Apex area. And we always provide our clients with the most advanced, state-of-the-art products along with good old fashion service.  Our goal is “The Perfect Video Services for Everybody.”


Every time you rewind and watch an old videotape, it weakens and begins to break down. This is why the average life span of a videotape is only between 15-20 years. The life span is even less than 15-20 years if it’s watched frequently! Also, if you store your videotapes and don’t play them often the heat, cold, moisture, and other environmental elements will degrade the structure and quality of the film. This means no matter what you do, your videotapes will disintegrate over time, and those memories will fade away forever. Don’t let this happen! 

Video Tape Transfer

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Our expertise includes video to digital files, video editing, transferring video to DVD, duplication of CD and DVDs, and video/photo montages. We also specialize in video transfers of any format including, including VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, DigiBeta, MiniDV, Umatic, Betacam SP, Beta, DVCam, Open Reel Tapes, SECAM, European PAL formats, and more. If you need any videotape transfers or videotape repairs, we are the ones to trust in. We can even assist if you need a video from your phone transferred or if you need help in producing a video for your company or your organization. Anything and everything video is what we do best, and we love doing it!


Once we transfer your old footage to a high-quality digital format, we can put it onto a CD, DVD, hard drive, or any format you prefer. We use high-quality DVDs with a long life span to last many years. If you need duplicate copies, that's no problem, and we will make as many as you want. We also sugest uploading your digital movie to a data storage service in the cloud like Google Drive or Dropbox. Any of these options will not only preserve your memories but also make it easy to share with friends and loved ones.

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As soon as we are finished editing your video, we will send you a direct download link that you can view immediately. You will have a well-made, high-quality video to share with your family and friends. Or if your video was made for a company or marketing purposes, we can help you additionally. We can provide suggestions for various ways to improve the effectiveness and conversion rates of your new expertly made video.

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