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Q: Can you transfer VHS to DVD

A: Yes we can. We only use platinum archival DVD’s that are long lasting and have a special scratch resistant coating. Preserve your priceless memories with quality discs.

Q: Can you transfer VHS to Digital Files?

A: Yes we can. We create an .mp4 digital file for you that is playable on any computer and even most smart TV’s (check with your TV manufacturer for details).

Q: Why is there an additional cost for VHS tapes over 2 hours?

A: Our services include timing each tape, checking it for content and the transfer of each tape. For some VHS tapes the original VCR was set to record 4, 6 or even 8 hours long. We have to transfer each tape in real time and so for the additional amount of work that is required for those tapes, we charge an additional $5 for each half hour that the tape times over. This is the same as almost all other video transfer services.

Q: What video tape formats can you convert?

A: All of them! The short list is VHS, VHS-C, 8mm (including High8, Digital8), Beta, S-VHS, MiniDV, PAL / SECAM, BetacamSP, U-matic, DVC Pro, DV Cam, MII, we could go on and on.

Q: Can you duplicate DVD’s and CD’s?

A: Yes we can. We can quickly duplicate almost any non-copywritten DVD or CD and can even do it while you wait. We also specialize in large volume orders.

Q: Do you offer any volume rate discounts?

A: We do. We offer a discount every day, year round, for order with 10 or more video tapes, 5 or more audio cassettes, 150 or more slides, 250 or more photos or negatives and we proudly offer a 15% military discount on any order.

Q: Do you combine discounts or match competitor prices?

We always offer the very best discount we can and do not combine or stack discounts. Sometimes there are better prices out there and we understand that. We have been in business for over 15 years, and we see the value in our work and services so we do not price match.

Q: My dog used my VHS-C tape as a chew toy, can your repair it?

A: Almost all tapes can be repaired and we are happy to take a look at them. We can repair any format of videotape and audio tape. If needed we can transfer the insides of a tape into a new casing and make the tape like new.

Q: My items have been through a fire or flood, will you still try to transfer them?

A: Yes we will. You’re precious memories have been through a lot and we will do our very best to work carefully with them, clean them up and transfer them to a digital format. When we transfer your memories to digital files on a flash drive, you are able to store them in a fire-proof / water-proof safe as well as upload them to a cloud service to protect them for the future.

Q: Can you take digital files and create a DVD or Blu-ray disc for me?

A: Absolutely. We can take any kind of video file and create a disc of any kind for you to watch like any other professional authored disc.

Q: What types of film can you transfer?

A: We can transfer 16mm, 8mm, Super8 and sound film. We use a digital frame-by-frame transfer system that is sproketless and uses an LED light that is cool to the touch.

Q: Do you do all of the work in your studio or is it sent out?

A: We do all of the work right here in our studio with the exception of a very few rare formats. We are very upfront with you if we come across something that does need to be sent out to one of our associates in another state. We never deal with anyone we are not familiar with and trust. We NEVER send your project out of the United States.

Q: Why do you take payment upfront? Can I pay half now and the balance when it is complete?

A: After 15 years of business we have done payments in many different ways. Throughout the years when we would take a deposit, we unfortunately had many customers who left their projects for years and didn’t pay the balance. Some of those projects are still with us after many years and it is for those reasons that we take payment upfront. We do offer payment options through Square Installments if you prefer to make split payments.

STUDIO POLICIES:  (last updated 2019)
• All customers acknowledge and agree that liability for any loss or damage to film or other materials during the processing service will be limited to the replacement cost a non-exposed roll of film and/or a blank media of similar size. Except for such replacement, studio shall not be liable for any other loss or damage, direct, consequential, or incidental, arising out of customer’s use of said service.

• Payment is due at time order is taken. We do not accept personal checks.

• Completion dates are estimated only and are not a guaranteed date unless otherwise stated. We will contact you as soon as your order is completed.

• If any videotapes, audio or film are over 2 hours in content length an additional charge will be due.

• Flash drives are not included in the transfer cost for digital transfers except for film orders and video tape transfers that are 10 or more tapes.

• When transferring files to a flash drive during project pick-up, we can not control the amount of time it takes for those files to copy. We ask for your patience and understanding.

REFUND POLICY – We guarantee the work that we do and if there are any issues, we will be happy to do it again and make it right, to the best of our ability. If a refund is requested, it will be reviewed and a 50% re-stocking fee may apply.

*NR indicated items that are Non-Refundable. Item can be returned for same item or store credit.
*ND indicates items that can not be discounted.

Randy B.Raleigh, NC
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My wife and I were very pleased to have 621 Productions save multiple VHS tapes to DVD. The work was performed in a very professional manner and in a timely fashion. Thanks to the Staff for your Professionalism. We now have many memories that we can view that we had forgotten about. Thanks.
Michelle F.Cary, NC
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I had about 35 vhs tapes transferred to DVD, and I can’t say enough good things about how they turned out and what it meant to my family. I was really nervous to get it done as we've had several family members pass away in the last few years and I wanted to preserve these videos for the memories my family has had with them. The quality was excellent and every person I was in contact with at 621 Productions was so nice and understanding of what I needed. This service is worth every penny for the peace of mind of keeping these memories in the family forever. Thank you so very much.
Lou F.Apex, NC
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621 Productions provides an expertise in a technology where I do not have it. This provides a huge level of comfort in knowing that what I am looking for will get done. Their excellent customer service in talking at my level and making me feel a part of the process makes for an overall great customer experience. This is a great Apex business helping make us the peak of good living.
A. E.Apex, NC
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We are so grateful to 621 Productions for digitizing some slides we inherited from my husband's grandfather. These slides included images from his military service overseas, family trips, and daily life dating back to the 1940s. Everything turned out beautifully -- the colors were vivid, the images were in focus, and everything was returned to us carefully organized. Thank you for preserving these family treasures for the years to come!
Richard M.Chapel Hill, NC
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621 Productions transferred decades of old family film, much of it on reels, to CD. I had other complicated projects for them. They did a superb job. I couldn't recommend them more.
R. K.Raleigh, NC
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Excellent Service. They understood how important the audio tapes I brought them are to me and they did a great putting each side of the tape onto a CD that was easy to download. They took the time to listen to all of the tapes and improve the quality of the voices. I am very appreciative and will definitely come to them for any future needs.
Jeffrey S.Apex, NC
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For years I have wanted to transfer my 110 mm slides to digital files. Lucky for me I found 621 Productions on the web. Being in New York I was concerned about sending my 50 year old slides to North Carolina. After speaking with Jack and finding out the cost and and procedure for doing what I wanted I took the chance. ' It was a wonderful experience. The finished product was just as I expected and completed when promised. What more can one ask?
Christine M.Hillsborough, NC
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For Christmas I had all of our family photos and VHS home movies tranfered to CD and DVD for my children. I was the only one who had them and was afraid they'd be lost or damaged and our family history would be me. I was so pleased with the transfer options and really happy you could also document those favorite school-made cards and art projects that nobody wants to throw away but really doesn't know how to store. My daughters were very happy and have spent a lot of time looking at pictures and home movies they haven't seen in over 20 years. THANK YOU for the quality of your work, making the process easy, and offering so many options - like that you can even scan photos in fancy scrapbooks without taking them out of the book. ?? I urge everyone who has old photos or home movies to get them transferred to digital media. You'll be happy you did. Thank you again. I've recommended your studio to many people.
Patsy S.Holly Springs, NC
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Oh my goodness, these guys are Awsome! Transferring our old videos to DVD's was the neatest thing for our family. My brother died in 1993 and seeing all of his craziness again blessed our hearts and gave us lots of smiles. Perfect work, perfect attitudes and perfect memories came to life for our family. Thank you and see you soon?
Bernitha J.Durham, NC
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I highly recommend 621 Productions for any project you have. Not only are they really nice people, they do quality work. I had some really old 8mm video tapes and some had my mother on them, I explained to them that my mother had recently passed and wanted to have the videos to show my grandchildren. They were very sensitive to my need and and gave me a date to return and pick up the DVD's. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to convert the videos in such a short time. Their work/skills are impeccable, you will be completely satisfied!
Maggie C.Hillsborough, NC
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I had several needs, totally maybe 20 different kinds of copying, transfers including old VHSs put on a DVD. I had DVDs that needed duplication. I had some complex work that had to be done in a variety of formats. I was VERY Happy with my results. Amazing knowledge these folk had on how to do all of these things. This is who I'll go to for anything in the future. Considering the knowledge necessary to do this, the Prices were VERY reasonable. Wow. The people there were very nice too, easy to talk with. And I bring up the word 'knowledge' again because this was their most helpful to me.
Marion K.Fuquay Varina, NC
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I am in the process of transferring over 20 years of old videos, including BETA!, to DVD. 621 Productions has been friendly, prompt, responsible, and affordable. Most importantly to me, they have brought these precious memories to life once again. Thank you!
Louise A.Durham, NC
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I had about 25 old 8mm home movies that had been in a box for well over 30 years. Took them to 621 Productions to transfer to DVD not knowing what condition they were in. They did a wonderful job, all 25 were transferred and look great. What a great wonderful feeling to watch my children back when they were little - great job!!
Megan D.Apex, NC
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They did a great job on converting my husbands old football VHS tapes to DVD. They were quick and helpful when it came to explaining the process. My husband was so surprised and couldn't believe I was able to have them coverted and get rid of all those old VHS tapes we would never be able to watch anyway! Thanks to 621 Productions we will be able to watch these DVDs with our son anytime we want!
Jennifer S.Apex, NC
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The first batch I brought in turned out great! Can't wait to bring some more and get all of my old videos transferred to DVD. I also brought in a bunch of really old family photos I got following a family member's passing. It was wonderful to get them scanned and put on a CD so that I could share them with other family members!
Dagmar E.Durham, NC
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I brought in my old VHS videos and 621 Productions transferred them seamlessly to DVD! The service was prompt, the DVD quality is excellent, and the staff was friendly! Overall, an excellent value! I would highly recommend these folks!
Charles S.Fayetteville, NC
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I had a number of home movies that I needed put on disk. The team at 621 Productions was very helpful in getting them all transferred at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. Really appreciate the professional work and would highly recommend others looking for this type of service to consider using 621 Productions in Apex.
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