state of the art audio Transferring in Apex, NC And Surrounding Counties

Our studio here utilizes modern, state of the art equipment to ensure that your transfers are always completed to the highest standard possible.

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Audio Transferring Services Offered

Audio Tape Transfer

We can transfer your audio tapes onto a high-quality CD, MP3, or any other format. Preserve your audio now, with our state-of-the-art digital transfer services.

Video/Audio Tape Repair

We will professionally repair your video & audio tapes so that you can view your footage once again. We treat every damaged tape carefully and with the utmost care while restoring your media.

We Transfer All Audio Formats

Did you run into a box of old audio tapes while you were looking in the attic? Want to share them with your friends and family? Bring them to us, and we will convert them to digital format. We support all formats, and we will give them back to you as digital files. That way you can share them or even edit them on your computer.

If you have a collection of many different audio tapes – even different formats, we can combine them onto one CD or flash drive. This will save you space and reduce the clutter. It will also preserve these precious audio memories.

Imagine being able to take your collection of audio recordings that are on magnetic media and have them sitting safely on your hard drive. You can make backups online, and each of your friends and family can have their own copy.

If you would like, you can listen to your audio online before we complete the project. The benefit of that is you can give us any editing, sequencing, and even titling instructions from the convenience of your own computer. We have found this to be a very efficient method to review the different audio tapes and organize your collection.

Here at 621 Productions and Home Video Studio, we are crazy for high-quality audio services. We love what we do, and love helping you preserve and share your precious memories. This is why we are the industry leader in high-quality audio services.

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