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Here at 621 Productions and Home Video Studio Apex, we provide you with expert audio transfer services. We specialize in transferring cassettes, microcassettes, vinyl records, and reel to reel media onto a high-quality digital format that will last indefinitely. Don’t wait until your precious media gets deteriorated or lost. 


In 1928 Germany invented magnetic recording using reel to reel audio tape. This introduced the world to a new and ingenious way of preserving our voices for the next generation. In the mid-1960s the Phillips company invented cassette tapes. And then in 1967, they developed the mini-cassette. In 1969 the Olympus company took voice recording to another level with the creation of the micro-cassette. As ingenious as these audio tapes may be, they all eventually deteriorate and fade away. No matter what the brand or quality your audio tape is, it simply won’t last forever. This is because they are constructed using magnetic tape, which has a life span of only 10 to 20 years. Hence, our current technology has created the digital file, a superior means to store your audio for an indefinite amount of time.


If your audio tape has begun to break down or is starting to feel sticky, don’t worry, our professional team has years of experience in this industry. In most cases, our experts will be able to rescue your audio tape and return it to you in a high-quality digital format. Some audio cassettes and reel to reel tapes require more urgency than others. For example, Ampex 456 tape used a poor-quality adhesive during manufacturing and will require immediate attention. Poorly manufactured tapes, such as these, should be transferred as soon as possible before they deteriorate past the point of no return. If you are not sure what type of audio tape you have, give us a call, and we would be happy to help you out.

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Your old cassettes and reel to reel tapes contain irreplaceable memories, sounds, and voices from the past. Let us bring them to life once again so they can be shared and appreciated in today's world. After we transfer your audio to a digital format, we can put it onto a CD, USB stick, hard drive, or whichever format you prefer.


Just like cassette tapes, vinyl records won't last forever. And converting your vinyl records into a high-quality digital format is just one more of our specialties. We can transfer your vinyl records to a clean and clear sounding digital format. Properly transferring vinyl records takes patience and experience which we have in our competent team. We are also skilled in removing the unnecessary noises, such as pops and clicks, before handing the completed digital files over to you.


Don't trust just anyone with your precious audio media. Our studio here in Apex, North Carolina utilizes modern, state of the art equipment to ensure that your transfers are always completed to the highest standard possible. Our many years of experience has given us the ability to transfer practically any type of video or audio into an excellent quality digital format. We are the best the industry has to offer, and all our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and their testimonials say it all. When it comes to preserving your unique one-of-a-kind memories, you can always trust in 621 Productions and Home Video Studio Apex.

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