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We are an award winning video production company and we specialize in the transfer of old media (VHS, 8mm, Reel to Reel Audio, etc.) into digital formats!

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A Little Background About Our Video Production Studio

Established in 2005 as a wedding videography company in southern New Jersey, 621 Productions has evolved into a versatile multimedia studio with a rich history of creating and preserving memories. Originally focused on weddings, our family life led us to diversify our services. Our services began incorporating corporate videography with a specialization in creating dynamic video menus for restaurants and promotional content for a major chain of automobile dealerships. Our friends and family began requesting us to transfer videotapes, films, and photographs, propelling our business to new heights. Alongside these projects, we have crafted compelling documentaries, expanding our storytelling skills.

Our journey took a pivotal turn when we decided to move our family to North Carolina. We found a storefront in downtown Apex and our journey continues. Now, with over 19 years in business, 621 Productions prides itself not just on the accolades we’ve received, but on the satisfaction and happiness of our clients, which remain our top priority.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown Apex, we cherish the community’s lively food scene, bustling festivals, and diversity. Our passion lies in providing services that deeply resonate with our clients, whether we’re crafting innovative videos for the future or restoring precious, nearly forgotten memories. At 621 Productions, every project is an opportunity to touch lives and preserve legacies, making all our efforts rewarding to us. We are an independent, family owned and operated, mom and pop small business. We are not affiliated with any franchise.

Why are we called 6•21? Jack & Jenn, the owners, were married on June 21st!

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