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Professional Conversion of 8mm and 16mm Film Reels to High-Quality Digital Formats. Bring Your Cherished Memories into the Digital Age

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Preserve Your Timeless Memories: Expert Conversion of 8mm and 16mm Films to Modern Digital Formats

Our Services Include:

  • High-Quality Digital Conversion: We transform your 8mm and 16mm films into vibrant digital formats using a sprocket-less, digital frame-by-frame, flicker free conversion system. We also use a cool-to-the-touch LED light – no heat will be near your film.
  • Ultra-High Definition Resolution: We scan your film at a 2.5K resolution and your final file is delivered at 4K resolution.
  • Safe Handling: Your films are precious, and we treat them with the utmost care. Our process ensures that your original reels are returned to you in the same condition they arrived.
  • In-House: We perform all silent 8mm and 16mm film scanning in-house! No need to worry about it being shipped out and possibly lost in the mail.

Film naturally deteriorates over time due to various environmental factors. Even with proper storage and handling, the structure and quality of your old film will degrade slightly year after year. Furthermore, each time you run old film through projection equipment, it experiences additional wear and tear. The most effective way to preserve your old movies is to have them converted to digital files.

Here at 621 Productions, we are experts in transferring videos to digital formats, making sharing, viewing, and preserving your videos significantly easier and more secure. Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your film, followed by cleaning each reel. We then load the film into our sprocket-less transfer machine. A flicker-free, ultra-high definition, digital frame-by-frame capture is done. We then perform color and brightness corrections to ensure the best possible quality.

After conversion, we can store your digital files on a USB flash drive that is included with every film transfer project. Additionally, we offer the option to produce a platinum archival DVD, rated to last for 100 years with a scratch-resistant coating and customized labeling with the title you provide.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in film transfers, as well as comprehensive video production and post-production services. With extensive experience in the industry, we understand all aspects of producing high-quality, durable film products. At 621 Productions, we don’t just transfer film – we ensure your precious memories last a lifetime.

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