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At 621 Productions we will preserve the past with precision and care. Get your treasured slides converted to digital today!

Discover the thrill of uncovering a box of vintage 35mm slides – windows to a bygone era, rich with history and untold stories. These slides are more than mere images; they are invaluable artifacts of time, meticulously capturing moments from decades past. However, the very technology that once made these slides cutting-edge has not shielded them from damage over time. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to preserve these precious memories by converting them into durable, accessible digital formats.

At 621 Productions, we recognize the fragility and immense historical value of your slides. Each one holds a piece of history, a snapshot of life as it once was, which is why we treat your slides with the utmost care they deserve. Unlike other services, we perform all our digital scanning in-house. We never outsource, ensuring that your priceless slides are handled with the highest standards of care, using advanced, state-of-the-art equipment.

Trust us to transform your cherished slides into high-quality digital files, preserving them for generations to come. Explore our on-site scanning services today and keep your memories alive forever.

Over time, your cherished 35mm slides are vulnerable to a variety of environmental factors that can alter their physical composition. Heat, cold, moisture, and contact with other materials can significantly degrade the quality of your slides. This deterioration doesn’t halt upon discovery, whether they’re found in the back of a drawer or tucked away in a shoebox in your attic. That’s why it’s crucial to act swiftly to preserve these memories.

Don’t let the aging process further damage your valuable slides. Convert your slides to a high-quality digital format as soon as possible. Scanning your slides not only saves them from further deterioration but also provides a safe, accessible way to keep and share these irreplaceable memories. Explore our professional slide scanning services today and ensure your memories are preserved for generations to come.

35mm Slide Transfer Process


Before scanning each slide, we do an inspection to identify any scratches or dust. Each slide is carefully prepared to ensure it is correctly oriented before it is processed through our precision scanners. We take extra precautions to ensure each slide is free from dust and perfectly aligned, guaranteeing the best possible digital outcome. Rest assured, our scanning process is thorough, clean, and secure. We prioritize the safety and integrity of your slides, ensuring that every memory is preserved with the utmost care. Trust us to transform your valuable slides into high-quality digital formats, safeguarding your cherished memories for the future. Explore our expert slide scanning services today and experience peace of mind with our professional handling.

35mm Slides


We provide archival-grade scanning services, starting at a high-resolution 3000 dpi, and can accommodate requests for ultra-high resolutions up to 10,000 dpi uncompressed. Each slide is organized and color-corrected if necessary. We maintain the original order of your slides, mirroring the organization you provide, whether they come in labeled trays, boxes, sleeves, etc. We create a corresponding digital folder using the same labels and organization from your original setup. This ensures that the digital versions of your slides are just as easy to navigate as the physical ones. Opt for our professional scanning services to preserve and enhance your cherished memories with precision and care.

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