Archival Grade 35mm slide transfer

Handled with care as if they were our own.

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At 621 Productions we will do a first class job at transferring your physical slides to high-quality digital files.

There are not many things more exciting than discovering a box of slides from decades ago. Just the fact that these slides recorded events from a different time and a different era is incredible. These aren’t just slides they are pieces of history. And they have been waiting patiently for all these decades for you to rediscover them. But they have been through a lot over the years. The technology that existed when slides were the state-of-the-art media storage didn’t prepare them to last unchanged for decades. You need to get them converted to digital files now.

We understand that these slides are old and likely very fragile. We also know that these are not just slides. They contain precious bits of history and important memories. We will treat them as the valuable and irreplaceable pieces of the past that they are. Because of this, all of our digital scanning services are done on-site. We don’t send your slides off-site to have them converted. We do all our work in-house with careful and precise handling methods and state-of-the-art equipment.

Over the years, slides can be altered because of the many different environmental factors. Heat, cold, moisture, and proximity to other materials can actually change the physical composition of your slides. These, as well as many other factors,  will continue to degrade the quality of your slides as time goes on. And this deterioration process doesn’t stop just because you discovered the box of slides in the back of a drawer or inside a shoebox in your attic. That’s why it’s essential to get your slides scanned as soon as you discover them. Don’t wait for the aging process to continue to do its damage. Capture and transfer the memories on these slides to high-quality digital format as soon as possible.

35mm Slide Transfer Process


Before the actual processing of each slide, we inspect it for scratches or dust. We carefully prepare each slide before we process them through our precision scanners. We take special care to make sure the slides are orientated the correct way and dust free. You can rest assured knowing that our scanning process is careful, clean, and safe.


We do an archival grade scan at 3,000dpi. We also can scan up to 10,000dpi uncompressed if requested. Then we make sure each slide is organized and color corrected if needed. We organize them in the same manner you provide them to us. If they are still in labeled slide trays and boxes we will create a digital folder with that same information and keep those slides in the same order.

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